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Cinemark Construction Right on Schedule

By Jessica Rush, jrush@acnpapers.com Jun 15, 2010 Link to Article Graphic Courtesy of Frisco Square Development An aerial rendering shows the Cinemark 12 in Frisco as it would look after completion sometime this November. Beck Companies is the architect for …
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Frisco Square Going to Town

By Steve Brown January 6, 2012 Frisco Square was supposed to be finished by now.  Changes in sponsorship and economic bumps derailed the development several times over the years.  And the expected 10 year completion time stretched out.  But two …
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Paper Carrier’s Quick Action Helps Halt Blaze

The daily route of a thirteen year old paper carrier seems to leave a lot to be desired as far as excitement goes, particularly on these dark, sub-zero January mornings.  Monday morning, however, Star carrier Jim Leslie discovered something out …
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